Fine Alterations

Got a special event? We can alter your wedding dress, tuxedo, or other special clothing to make a picture perfect fit.

Custom Clothing and Production

Your clothing should be as unique as you are. Have an outfit in mind? Tia can assist you through planning, patterning and creating your vision.

Custom Production Tailoring in Eugene Oregon

We test your design with our full prototyping services

Before you begin a production run in tailoring, it’s important to ensure your design meets specifications and fits the application for which it was designed. An iterative process, prototyping involves:

Consultation – We look at what you’re trying to achieve and make recommendations regarding construction, fabric choice and finishing.

Construction – We can work with physical objects and “build” around them or use your drawings.

Fine tuning – We then work with you to ensure the prototype meets your exact specifications and will fine tune where necessary.

Once your prototype is complete, we can make a PATTERN for you.

To learn more about our services or to see if we can help you develop custom fabric solutions for your applications, give us a call at 541.514.9570

Creating the Prototype:

We will help you Create a working prototype in Fabric.

I sew most of my prototypes as we have a refined studio for making Clothes, Bags and other of your ideas…in Fabric.

Once you have a prototype, then we can do a quality and design testing and modification. At each stage of this development, and each time we can refine the newer version of your product.

We can wash, dry, pull, stretch, zip, unzip, and put your product through the memorable “ringer.” We can make sure your product will surpass your customers’ expectations and this is a sure way to keep your customers coming back and referring your product to others.

Preferably, you will want to have a dozen or so of the finished prototypes. Your manufacturers will want one or two samples sent to them as a reference; to compare to the finished product for their factory.

From Conception to Production

The beginning is in building a textile prototype.

This involves you sketching the initial concept or making a quick sample of the idea and considering, on a basic level, what fabrics to use (hard or soft, heavy or light, etc.). At this point- you can determine whether anything of value can be added to the initial concept, this process results in the creation of textile mock-ups or as your prototype (prototypes that prove that a concept functions as intended).

Fine Clothing Alterations


You want to feel good in your clothing. Tia can alter clothing for Weddings, Proms, or any of your special occasions. Rest assured knowing that your clothing is in expert hands, and will be crafted to look beautiful, and also fit comfortably. Call or Text us now and we can assess your needs and take measurements. You deserve the best on your special day!